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+  How We Can Help You

Our unique approach to cleaning acoustical ceilings can save you time and money. We can do the following to your ceilings:


  • Removing Offensive Odors

  • Restoring the Acoustical Value of the Ceiling Tile

  • Retaining the Commercial Fire Rating of the Ceiling Tile

  • Destroying Bacteria

  • Increasing Light Reflection by 20% or More

  • Enhancing the Ambience of the Work Environment

White Tile Wall

+  The Benefits of Cleaning Walls & Ceilings


Cleaning your ceilings and walls can help improve your facilities at a fraction of the cost of painting or replacing tiles. We can clean your ceiling approximately 20 times less than the cost of one replacement.

In addition, cleaning helps retain the fire-resistance rating of the materials. Painting may reduce the acoustical quality of your tiles and may cause them to shrink and fall from the grids. 

White Tile Wall

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